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welcome to fujian dragon enterprises co,.ltd.

for over 25 years, we have been a leading supplier of freeze-drying and air-drying ingredients to the food-processing industry. we specialized in processing vegetables, fruits, seafood, noodles, instant soup and flavor products for exporting to america, japan, europe and other national regions. dragon had a good reputation in the field.

discover the diversity of our products, our personalized service and our constant efforts to offer continuous quality improvement. our states of art facilities, innovative methods and strictly quality control have enabled our products to meet quality requirements of the international standard. we constantly are adhering to our mission to provide security, safety and stability products to our customers.

thanks you skim through our website and hope you can get the products your needs here. we sincerely expect your patronage and we will meet your needs in products and services. don’t hesitate,contact us freely.  


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