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about us


from south to north, east to west, we partner with dozens of contract growers aroundchinawhose quality and standards matches our own. this nation-wide network of crop suppliers provides easy access to a variety of fresh crops all year long, and the vast farming land of more than 200 hectares in total ensures steady supply of raw materials for customized requirements.

once customer’s order placed, we start to set scientific plans with our contract growers for the cultivation of specified crops. the growers’ job is to care for the crops every day and maintain their facility in a good condition. but we do more! we will supervise systematically the plantation process to ensure a healthy operation, and support along the way to guide the growers in proper techniques and methods to producing high quality crops for us.

all our control from seed to reaping is aimed finally at absolute safety and fresh looking and tasting of the raw materials we put into customer’s order.

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